Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Bishops move house...

In early Autumn of 1870, Bertha fell pregnant with her third child.The financial wheels had really fallen off rich Uncle Joseph's financial wagon by this stage, and Henry and his family moved to Melbourne where he eventually started his own business. Initially, though, Henry worked as an ironmonger for some years, and gave this as his profession when he registered the birth of their second son, Guy Arnold Bishop, in January of 1871.
Bertha gave birth to Guy on December 15, 1870, at their new home in Chapman Street, Hotham.(NOTE: Chapman St, North Melbourne(previously Hotham) was named after Henry Samuel Chapman, who in 1856 introduced into the Victorian Parliament a form of secret ballot now used throughout the world.)
At the age of 31, Bertha's family consisted of her husband Henry, two McCallum neices Margaret,17, and Ivy,12; and her own children Roland,4, Olive 2, and newly born Guy. Most likely nephew Gilbert McCallum was also residing back with the Bishop family, as 1870 was the year that Allan Hughan took the Pilot to New Caledonia where it sank.

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