Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is simple...I have been fortunate enough to have obtained over the years wonderful photographs and letters attributed to the Hughan family. My immediate family are sadly lacking in enthusiasm over my passion for genealogy, and I have not been able to hook up with other researchers in my direct Hughan line to share my family treasures with. I firmly believe that generosity with research and a willingness to share around information is crucial in ensuring that the family stories of our ancestors live on, and so hopefully this blog will enable me to relate the stories of my Hughans with easy access to interested parties.
The beginning of my particular story starts in ernest in 1850 when my great-great grandmother Bertha Hughan (right)left the ship 'Culloden' under the cover of darkness as the captain tried to avoid unrest with his crew. With her English mother and two elder sisters eleven year old Bertha found herself in a strange country, although another sister, Laura, had arrived in Melbourne some months before, and Laura's husband Arthur Paton had travelled on the 'Culloden' with the Hughans.
I will attempt to do a daily posting on a different member of the Hughan family, as well as including as many photographs as I can.

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