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Laura Hughan's Children

As previously stated, only three of Laura’s children survived to reach adulthood- daughter Leila Paton from her first marriage, and daughters Bertha Susan and Laura Edith Murrell from her second.

1. LEILA GERTRUDE PATON. Born Geelong in 1854. Married Englishman Dr. Egbert Harrall Messina Florance, born March 17, 1845, Chester. Son of William Florance and German-born Eliza Lola Messeina. Married 1874, Geelong.
In 1875 the Mooroopna Hospital had its beginnings in a small hut on the north bank of the Goulburn River near the pumping station at Mooroopna. Mr Egbert Florence was the local chemist and he helped out in times of medical need. Progress saw the first local doctor attend to patients in 1877 with nurse, Mrs Eatwell and the hotel keeper Mr John Hardy helping out patients at night when Dr Dowson couldn’t attend. Dr Trood was appointed surgeon to the hospital in 1880 until he resigned in 1892 and went to Melbourne . Dr J W Florance was house surgeon in 1892 and was associated with the hospital for 44 years.
After residing in several Victorian towns, Leila and Egbert Florance finally settled with their large family at Cootamundra in NSW. Eleven children were born over a 26 year period:

A) Laura Eliza Messina Florance: born November 25, 1874,Shepparton, Victoria.

Laura Florance never married, and died in 1965.

Born March 2, 1877, Mooroopna. Married Eliza Pinkstone in 1905, Cootamundra. Died October 25, 1955.
“Florence - Pinkstone. James EA Florence of Coolamon, son of Dr Florence of Cootamundra married Eliza Pinkstone, daughter of Fred Pinkstone of Cootamundra on Thursday.” Yass Courier 28.4.1905.
Enlisted WW1: Florance James Egbert Arthur : SERN Captain : POB Mooroopna VIC : POE N/A : NOK W Florance Eliza.

Enlisted WW2: FLORANCE JAMES EGBERT ARTHUR : Service Number - N233769 : Date of birth - 02 Mar 1884 : Place of birth - MOOROOPNA VIC : Place of enlistment - MANLY NSW : Next of Kin - FLORANCE ELIZA.

Born February 16, 1879, Mooroopna. Married Tasmanian-born Ellen Elizabeth Henry in 1909. Practiced as a Doctor in Cootamundra. Died in Cootamundra on January 8, 1943, and his wife in 1968.

D) EGBERT AIKMAN FLORANCE: born March 14, 1881, Katamatite, Victoria. Died in infancy on March 19, 1882.

E) ROLAND MESSINA FLORANCE: born December 31, 1882, Philadelphia, USA. Married Tasmania Sophia Emily Henry. Died November 19, 1962, and Sophia his wife in 1969.

Five children: * Egbert "Edward" Messina Florance ( known as Toby) b March 17, 1913, Cootamundra. Changed his name legally from 'Egburt' to 'Edward'.Married Elizabeth Stewart Brook von Stieglitz in Tasmania in 1950 and had five children.

* Betty Huxtable Florance born November 19, 1915. Died 1973. Married Ewart Power Allen in 1936,Temora. One child-Adrien Florance Allen b 1939 d 1974;

* Barbara Hughan Florance born 14 September 1917,died March 23, 1967. Married 1. John William Mitchell, 1941, Cootamundra. Married 2.Werner Hans Hyman(1915-1966).Two daughters from second marriage.

* Cynthia Sophie Florance born June 18, 1922. Died June 15, 1994. Married John Smibert 1943, Woollahra. Three sons.

* Sophie Paton Florance born June 16, 1924. Died February 10, 1981.Married Penleigh Lambert A’ Beckett. Issue two sons two daughters.

Roland’s son Edward enlisted in WW2: FLORANCE EDWARD MASSENA : Service Number - NX1025 : Date of birth - 17 Mar 1913 : Place of birth - COOTAMUNDRA NSW : Place of enlistment - WILLOUGHBY NSW : Next of Kin - FLORANCE ROLAND. Was a Prisoner of War for 4 years.

F) KITTY LEILA FLORANCE: Born July 25, 1885. Died 1933, Cootamundra. Never married.

G) VICTOR AIKMAN FLORANCE: born May 24, 1888, Picton. Died July 1, 1942, New Guinea. Married Jean Spring, 1922, Sydney. Victor enlisted WW1
Florance Victor Aikman : SERN 2182 : POB Picton NSW : POE Cootamundra NSW : NOK F Florance Dr E H.

Two sons, including William Victor Florance b January 3, 1922, died New Guinea August 10, 1943.Enlisted in WW2: FLORANCE WILLIAM VICTOR : Service Number - NX117833 : Date of birth - 03 Jul 1922 : Place of birth - BONDI NSW : Place of enlistment - CAPE BARROS NSW : Next of Kin - FLORANCE JEAN.

Victor Aikman also enlisted WW2: FLORANCE VICTOR AIKMAN : Service Number - NGX508 : Date of birth - Unknown : Place of birth - Unknown : Place of enlistment - Unknown : Next of Kin - FLORANCE JEAN.

H) HUBERT OAKLEY FLORANCE: born March 5, 1890, Bungendore NSW. Died May 27, 1980. Married Dorrice Eloise Arthur, 1920, in Sydney.Issue two sons and two daughters. One son, Ian Hugh Florance, born April 1, 1920, Cootamundra, served in WW2.He joined the 21st Light Horse at the age of twenty, and both his and his father’s address was given as ‘Gundagai Rd, Cootamundra”.
Another son also enlisted in WW2: FLORANCE JAMES LOUIS : Service Number - 74771 : Date of birth - 10 Jan 1924 : Place of birth - COOTAMUNDRA NSW : Place of enlistment - SYDNEY : Next of Kin - FLORANCE HUBERT

I) FRANKLYN FOX FLORANCE: Born July 12, 1892,Braidwood, NSW. Died April 15, 1975, Sydney. Married Marion Emma Bredon, March 24, 1934, Sydney.Issue: one son.
Served WW1, then enlisted in WW2:
FLORANCE FRANKLYN FOX : Service Number - NX130557 : Date of birth - 12 Jul 1892 : Place of birth - BRAIDWOOD NSW : Place of enlistment - CHIDLOW WA : Next of Kin - FLORANCE MARION.

J) MARJORIE BERTHA FLORANCE: Born January 8, 1896, Cootamundra. Died April 12, 1986. Married Albert Chenery.

K) HEREWARD HARRALL FLORANCE: Born February 15, 1900. Died 1979. Married Dorothy Grace Pudsey-Dawson ( b c. 1866, England. Died Bowral NSW May 17, 1983). Married 1938, Kingsford.
Served WW2: FLORANCE HEREWARD HARRALL : Service Number - NX17511 : Date of birth - 15 Feb 1900 : Place of birth - ROBERTSON NSW : Place of enlistment - PADDINGTON NSW : Next of Kin - FLORANCE DOROTHY.

Leila Paton Florance died January 25, 1923, at Cootamundra. Her husband Egbert Florance died October 13, 1928, also at Cootamundra.

Leila's two half sisters, Bertha Susan and Laura Edith, never married or had children.

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